Monday, July 30, 2007

Reply to 'Laboring a New Center'

I completely agree with your statement but, I would have to add some things.

Not only is the location of this place convinient but, it will allow people to get help without becoming reliant on them!! I think this will help them really get their feet on their ground and be able to do things are their own!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Eye for an Eye.....

Although Texas is one of the last states with the death penalty, maybe there is a reason why these states have made it illegal. Is killing people really the ultimate 'punishment'?

Why would the government want or have the desire to kill people? It does not make sense to me. Financially, it is the better alternative to life imprisonment but, wouldn't the death penalty be doing these 'convicts' a favor?

When you lie to your parents, is it more of a punishment to yourself before your parents even find out that you were lying? I know for me, personally, my concience gives me a hard enough time before my parents even get a hold of me once they find out that I lied. If we kill these convicted murderers, then we are doing them a favor by not letting them fully live with the consequences.

Plus, if our jails are filling up that quickly that we have to start killing people to house them all, then something is seriously wrong with our society!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Drug Busting

So....I found this article to be very interesting not only because this guy accidently made a gang sign to some undercover cops, but he led the cops to his home where there was more to be discovered than they probably wanted!! I would think that if you are doing any kind of illegal activity that you would be more likely to be on your guard about what you do and say around people you may not necessarily know. I feel that these two boys were not very smart for doing what they did.....but, sadly, I find it pretty funny. Not that two people getting in trouble is funny, but that these boys were not thinking and how they practically gave the police everything they needed to arrest them.

Now, the one thing that I do find suspicious about this is the poice going into the house with the guy to get his ID and that they called someone on to the scene almost immediately when they saw a clear bag with what looked like cocaine in it. I am not quite sure if the police were completely in their rights to go on ahead and send for 'back-up' without getting a warrant first. I am not the most educated in the laws or what is or is not acceptable in a situation like this.....but, these would be my predictions.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Blog Stage 1

Leander and Georgetown make an agreement

I found this article to be very enlightening especially since you can see an example on how people can make a difference and make changes when they want to. Here, in this case, residents of a subdivision did not want to be apart of the Leander district and so they petitioned and are now finally seeing some improvement to be apart of the Georgetown district. I feel that this is just one example of how we as a people can make changes when we want to and can influence how our government is run.

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What I love.....
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