Tuesday, July 24, 2007

An Eye for an Eye.....

Although Texas is one of the last states with the death penalty, maybe there is a reason why these states have made it illegal. Is killing people really the ultimate 'punishment'?

Why would the government want or have the desire to kill people? It does not make sense to me. Financially, it is the better alternative to life imprisonment but, wouldn't the death penalty be doing these 'convicts' a favor?

When you lie to your parents, is it more of a punishment to yourself before your parents even find out that you were lying? I know for me, personally, my concience gives me a hard enough time before my parents even get a hold of me once they find out that I lied. If we kill these convicted murderers, then we are doing them a favor by not letting them fully live with the consequences.

Plus, if our jails are filling up that quickly that we have to start killing people to house them all, then something is seriously wrong with our society!


KSeago said...

I think you're on to something really interesting here, but you need to take it a bit further. What's the point of the death penalty? What is is supposed to do? Mere retribution? If that's the case, it might be a good punishment and it might not. As you say, it may "let them off."

Justin said...

Hello, I decided to comment on your article about death row. It was a great article and I agreed and disagreed with a few things you said because, of course, we all have our own opinions!

This is my personal response to my colleague's blog post "An Eye for an Eye."

Death row is obviously a topic that is immediately thought of being in Texas. Texas is still one of the few states that legalizes and occasionally uses the death penalty. The death penalty was reinstated in 1976 and since then Texas has led the number of executions. Texas performs this sentence by either legal injection, electrocution, lethal gas, hanging, and firing squad. Of course, lethal injection is the most common procedure. However, my colleague states that financially, Texas would be better off taking the life imprisonment option for capital murder criminals rather than performing the death penalty. I disagree with this statement wholeheartedly because keeping prisoners in jail for a life time is extremely expensive. Think of just feeding a person for a lifetime. This would prove to be very costly over the years. Whereas, the lethal injection currently costs approximately $86.08, so I definitely believe that when talking about the financial aspect about this issue, the death penalty is definitely the way to go.

My colleague goes on and talks about the moral issue that comes along with the death penalty. I do agree with her statement that killing more and more people because our jails are getting crowded is wrong. Whether or not our jails are overcrowded isn't a reason to consider using the death penalty more on inmates. It's such a controversial issue because I don't believe that it is our place, or any other person for that matter, to decide whether or not a person should live. However, I do believe that death is the ultimate and fair punishment for someone that has committed capital murder. Someone that has taken an others life doesn't deserve to live in my book. My colleague also believes that killing an inmate gives them what they want in the sense that they won't have to suffer any longer in jail. I once again disagree with that statement because jail is an awful place, but not a torture chamber, and therefore, I don't believe that killing a criminal is doing them a favor in any way.

Jaemin Oh said...

First I want to say your blog was very interesting.

I agree on the fact that "some" prisoners should be fully compensated for their wrong-doing. But I disagree with you on the answer to "Is killing people really the ultimate 'punishment'?" One thing that I totally agree on with the Texas legislatures is the death penalty policy.

Do you really believe that executing is really a favor to a prisoner? Do you really believe that if a prisoner only had to choose between death or life imprisonment that prisoner would choose to be executed? Maybe for few but not for most. If a father was imprisoned, would they want to live until they see their children grow safe and healthy? For most, they will risk their miserous life in prison to witness their family through. I have never been to a jail, but I bet that it means a lot when their family comes to visit them. Its counterpart, Death, will end their life and it might end their families life. We should understand their familys' situation as well.

Also I admire you when you say that we should not kill people to emtpy prison rooms, but do you think that our Texas legislature has implemented death penalty to empty prison rooms and save money? Although very minor reason could be financial burden of having so many prisoners, it is not safe to believe that idea.

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